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000 KTCAs the Professional Mechanic strives for excellence, KTC put all effort into IMPROVING STANDARD TOOLS 

KTC Brand story


 A legacy of pursuing high quality handed down from the men who drew their passion from making tools to service Zero fighter planes.

To trace the source of the passion that is inside KTC tools, one must return to 1939, before KTC was founded.

At that time, "Kyoto Machinery", a textile machinery maker that could be considered the forerunner of KTC, was taking the initiative in making high performance, highquality tools for servicing Zero fighter planes which had clearly surpassed world standards. A passion for tool making in response to the mission to "produce high quality tools" - this could be called the true source of KTC manufacturing.

However, it was not only the Zero fighter planes that drove their passion for the tools.

They were amazed by the superior functionality of the American made socket wrench that they had been shown as a war trophy from the battle of Midway, making them firmly determined to catch up and surpass its quality of it.

This lead to their stubborn insistence on pursuing only high quality immediately after the war.

Then in 1950, the "KYOTO TOOL CO., LTD." was established by the three men who acquired a heart for uncompromising research for technological innovation and a spirit of craftsmanship that pursued the highest levels of quality, while they were forming their passionate ideas about tool making.

The turning point came in the month following the company's establishment, before they had even had time to organize their production system.

There was an enquiry regarding a delivery of tools to be included with vehicles from Toyota Automotive Sales, which had just become independent from Toyota Motor Co. Ltd. As the delivery of onboard automobiles, mainly trucks, grew rapidly and so did the production volume of tools.




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